Special orders


African, hand-painted porcelain cup, capacity 0,4 dl


Logo made for Institute of beauty " Magic ", hand-painted bas-relief in wood, height 52 cm

Frangi pani flowers

Frangi pani flowers, hand-painted bas-relief in wood, dimentions 40 cm and 30 cm


Altar of hunting patrons St. Eustachy and St. Hubert made for Hunting Set " Darz Bór " in Lądek Zdrój, bas-relief in wood, dimentions 100 x 182 cm


Part of altar, dimentions 80 cm x 50 cm


Frames for altar, hand painted bas-relief in wood, breadth 5 cm


Frame for altar, natural bas-relief in wood

St. Eustachy and St. Hubert Chapel

There is an altar in this chapel

Coffee or tee set

Birds, hand - painted porcelain

Coffee or tee set

Tulips, hand - painted porcelain set