Blue Bird Atelier Agata Prajel, Grodzka Street 4/4 58-100 Świdnica, Poland mobile: (+48) 517 503 367 e-mail; Warning ! WARNING! Warning! I CAN'T LEAVE ON PLACE OF CRIME, NOT ANYMORE ! I CHANGED ADDRESS. I'M LOOKING FIND TO BUY OR HIRE SOME NORMAL PLACE.( View years ago I WAS ROBBERED ( by VERY PRIMITIVE "PEOPLE" with psychological sickness) and LOCKED in SOME HORRIBLE PLACES ( once again, I think , TO DESTROYED MY TEETH !),the same time money from my little business, documents,notes, photographies was stolen). I lost possibilities. AFTER that, I was forced to repair this place on GRODZKA STREET 4/4 ( once again, all from my private money), and then persons with psychological sickness tried to attacked and murdered me. Just stole my money and used my e-mails and website ( ME AND MY FRIENDS) to have some fee.(It was worse way to get I don't know what). YOU CAN STILL BUY MY PRODUCTS.IF YOU NEED, PLEASE SEE WEBSITE, CHOOSE AND CALL OR (BEST WAY, ), SEND SMS, MMS OR E-MAIL. BECAUSE OF ALL DISADVANTAGES, I'M SORRY. IN THE MIDDLE (age)I WAS ATTACKED ONCE AGAIN. INDEPENDENTLY OF EVERYTHING, COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS IS GOOD CHOICE TO PROVE CRIMES IN ANY CASE ( If You have time, of course).